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When I am shooting my eye is drawn to the novel things around me, although I will sometimes photograph typical “tourist” landmarks. My love of geometry, design, contrast, texture, and composition dictates what I find interesting, which is to say that I harbor an old-fashioned formalist aesthetic.

For inspiration, I collect and borrow master photographer books. I have studied scores of them starting with Atget, Baldus, Boubat, Carjat, Cartier-Bresson, all the way through Zecchin.

Recently, I have been inspired by the abstract expressionist images of Aaron Siskind which can be seen in my recent work of the downtown Raleigh warehouse district.

From 2005-2007 I lived near London, England. During 2006 I taught high school photography in an international American school. Currently I live in Raleigh, NC, work as a freelance graphic designer, and teach digital SLR photography.


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